Bertrand Gondouin

Physical Interaction Design and Beautiful Visuals

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Lectures and Workshops

Physical Interaction Design

Lectures Overview of Digital and Analog sensors Mainstream usage of sensors in everyday life The microcontrolers and the Arduino Plateform Electronic Textile Workshops Arduino : from Using an analog sensor to change the blinking speed of a led to

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Live Video Mixing – Video Jockey

Lectures Live video mixing history Real time video and  moving graphics tools. Visual Programming Software Processing  Programming Software Workshops Drawing in space: How do we perceive a 3D environment that we create from scratch with our body

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Max MSP and Pure DATA for the video

Lectures Introduction to Max MSP Introduction to Jitter Introduction to Open Source Software and why it matters Introduction to PureData Introduction to  PiDiP and GEM Workshops Create a video mixer Apply effects on the video Create your own physical

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