My name is Bertrand Gondouin. I'm a designer in interactive visuals from Paris living in Stockholm. My work combines three disciplines: art direction, software engineering and live performance. This scope of activities enables me to deliver responsive, environmental graphics in real-time, which creates uniquely immersive experiences.

I've been collaborating with a wide range of artists, companies, galleries and museums, and my work has received numerous awards for an innovative combination of art and technology.

    Software Engineering

Software engineering is an important part of my work because mainstream software tend to push the artistic process in established directions. Inventing my own software gives me unique creative capacities.

  • Scramble is a real-time granular video synthesis software that allows an unlimited number of video layers. It can be used in permanent installations or live events, and be controlled and fed whith any internet stream of data (Flickr, CMS, MMS...).
  • Podesk is a dead simple way for independant content creators and producers to publish videos on the internet. It’s faster and easier than any other solution: A single drag’n’drop publishes your video straight to your web site and video podcast!

    Live Performance

  • Having worked in live TV-production as television director, I have directed over 700 programs. Furthermore, I've been performing my real-time visuals as a Video Jockey in many festival and events alongside Djs and musicians.
  • I'm the founder of the Laeterna Machina, a research project on dance and interactive technologies. It has resulted in a performance where everything, including lightning, visuals and sound, is generated with the body sensors patched on a dancer. The “Laeterna Machina” is unique in the world of contemporary dance performances.

    Art Direction

  • With my Live Cinema performance Grains & Pixels, I've received the Special Recognition Prize award from the CynetArt Festival 2006, in Dresden.
  • For exploring future possibilities of integrated audiovisual performance, I've been awarded by the Prix Möbius Nordica Experimental, Pixelache Highlights 2007.

My conviction is that in order to create art that involves the community in a meaningful process, digital media should be composed in a live situation.

Music, Video Jockeying and the traditional theater stage are contexts providing a dynamic interaction with the media elements when I'm performing.

Selected exhibitions, performances & Projects


  • Clubs at the Nordic Light Hotel - Stockholm
  • lectures at the Choreography Department of Tallinn University,Estonia
  • "Greenhouse project" at Dramatiska institutet
  • Launch of the the ELectronic Jacket


  • Grains & Pixel Tour : Helsinki, Copenhague, London, Award and Performance
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Lecture, Konstfack, Stockholm


  • Festival CYNETart 2006, Dresden, Germany. Grains & Pixels, Award and Performance
  • Amnesty International Party, Museum of World Culture, Göteborg, Sweden. Vj Bertranol
  • Mångkulturåret 2006 opening (Nordstan, Göteborg, Sweden). Vj Bertranol
  • Théâtre Municipal, Montauban, France. Laeterna Machina, Sys-org.


  • Rebonds O5 festival, Théatre municipal Albi France. Sys-Org Dance show
  • Today in Paradise - Genetics & Art Organised by MobileArt Röda Sten Göteborg Sweden.Grains & Pixels Performance
  • Festival Les Pas de Troyes Troyes France.Sys-Org Dance show
  • Clandestino Festival Resident Video Jockey (Bandish Projekt) Pusterviksteatern Göteborg Sweden.Vj Bertranol Video jockey
  • Videomedeja festival Novi Sad Serbia. Grains & Pixels selection
  • Conference of the Nordic Network of Avant-Garde Studies Stockholm University Stockholm Sweden. Grains& Pixels Lecture
  • 404 festival international festival of electronic art Rosario Argentina. Grains& Pixels Selection


  • 2004 Clandestino Festival, with Talvin Singh and State Of Bengal (Storan, Nef & Röda Sten, Göteborg). Vj Bertranol
  • 2004 Poetic Vision and Sound, Show with Jacob Munkberg (Galleri 54 Göteborg). Live visuals
  • 2003 Kulturnatta, video mix with Beauty Solutions (Boomsted, Göteborg). Live visuals
  • 2003 Movie soundtrack for « la peur du bourreau », directed by Soazic Veillon, (Production Kobayashi Communication, Paris, France). Soundtrack
  • 2002 OSCorgia, net gathering, Barcelona, Web. Net Art
  • 2002 #Placard5, headphone festival, Belleville, Paris, France. Live visuals
  • 2001 Subtle Turnhips, Video Jockey (Les Voûtes des Frigos, Paris, France). Live visuals
  • 1999 Slide Eazy Inn Performance, Etablissement d'en face, Bruxelles.
  • 1998 Ciccone Into The Groovebox, performance, La Criée, Rennes.