I'm performing at the Fringe!

with Nils Claesson, Johan Mattsson, and the nano
technology students from Konstfack.

For more information about Fringe gatherings please visit http://www.fringe.nu

The idea of fringe is to provide a meeting point for participants of the local new media art scene in Stockholm.

Fringe events always contain a number of presentations - by the fringe people, to the fringe people. Sometimes these are just regular presentations, but sometimes installations, performances, happenings, dance, screenings or other formats. There's always something to drink and usually something to eat. Additionally, fringe organizes workshops and other events.

For more than four years fringe has brought together people, many of them from the Interactive Institute Play Studio and the Art and Technology department at Chalmers in Gothenburg. Many of their members have now moved to Stockholm and decided to bring the fringe with them and connect it to the already existing local media scene.

The Stockholm Fringe is supported by the Interactive Institute and will also attempt to function as a platform to distribute knowledge in the form of workshops and the like.