Grains & Pixels LogoA live cinema show with artificial intelligence and interactive media in wich improvisation is augmented in real-time by custom interactive visualization and sonification software.

“By making use of artificial intelligence, the work represents an advanced development of audio-visual works. It is not simply a live performance, the material it uses has been processed in real-time. Human intelligence and emotion on one hand artificial intelligence on the other hand perform together.”. CYNETart Festival Price jury laudation, Dresden, Germany, 2006.

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Grains & Pixels is a collective project involving three artists - Bertrand Gondouin, Jacob Munkberg, and Kristofer Sunden Ringnér. The project is a creative encounter between artificial intelligence, sound and image. By designing their own software, controllers and a protocol connecting the computers the artists have invented a new instrument for live improvisation.

Having developed their own instruments for sound, music and movement individually, they now come together to play. They bring their different instruments and experiences together, focusing on experiment and improvisation in a collaboration where the working process as such is an integral part.

Grains & Pixels is conceived as a set of different structures that can be played and performed in many ways. The animation of these structures create complex and nuanced images and sounds which combine abstract and figurative. grains2.jpg

The image and music are nestled and are working tightly together. The structures are listening to or watching each other, responding to the input they receive. The sound is sculpted in a very elastic way in order to respond to the many degrees of freedom the image space contains.

Some of the structures are purely random noises, others are "original" media, yet others are 3D objects or raw information about the localisation or trajectory.


The point is that they can all be played together - with error, imagination or very delicately. Sometimes surprising and exciting, sometimes boring. According to the mood of the performance, Grains & Pixels create a unique and subjective experience that evolves each time it is presented.

Often, it will not be perfect: the image will dribble, the sound will be noisy or the 3D object will remain hopelessly flat. It may even output a completely silent, black screen. The result is never what or where you expect it to be.


Thus the interaction of coincidence, surprise, and attention, create the density and complexity of the image/music.

  • Interactive 3D software : Bertrand Gondouin
  • Sound synthesis : Jacob Munkberg
  • A.I. Programming : Kristofer Sundén Ringnér
  • Composition & Performance: Grains & Pixels
  • Production : Grains & Pixels
  • booking, technical rider and press material