The Scramble software is my playground when experimenting with live video. It's a kind of Magic Lantern into which you can throw any kind of picture and animate it – I feed scramble with my own drawings, videos or photos – or start drawing from scratch in a 3D space.


Scramble has its roots in film history. One of its animation effects is a remake of the Zoetrope, a pre-cinema technology. Inspired by Orson Welles, I have also created a Soft/Deep Focus effect that simulates the depth of field of the traditional camera.

Technical details:

  • Unlimited numbers of layers
  • GPU image processing with shaders
  • Live video input, and image grabbing
  • Controls: sensors, midi, audio, Internet
  • Output: HDTV resolution 1920*1080
  • Language: Max/Msp/Jitter