Grains & Pixels is having a show at Mobileart 05 ! An exhibition and festival open to works based on the theme "Today in Paradise - Genetics & Art"

For such a theme, Kristofer is already cooking a genetic Artificial Intelligence pancake software, Jacob is cleaning his hummer and his bayerishe-beat-box, and Bertrand is having a psychoanalysis with fake spiders.

« The performance is a an exploration of raw material that is arranged into complex, dynamic patterns and processes. It shows that this seemingly abstract procedure could be productive as an artistic device.

Through an intense duration - appearing more like a line of flight that produced its own space, than a foreclosed story defined by the limits of grammar - this piece of work challenges the concept of chronological time and three-dimensional space.

The performance has an amazingly poetic and cinematographic quality in which the level of abstraction, in itself, appeared to be an essential component. »