I'm performing my real-time visuals as a Video Jockey (VJ). My VJ sets are unique due to the fact that I'm using custom-made software and my own media library.

I'm influenced by the work of pioneers such as Ben F. Laposky, Larry Cuba, Oskar Fischinger, László Moholy-Nagy and Norman McLaren. I've played internationnaly alongside Jeff Mills, DJ Badmarsh, Bandish Projekt, Jah Wobble, Uk Apache, Talvin singh... in venues such as Museum of World Culture in Sweden , UBU in France, Club Volume in Seoul...

New Media Meeting 2008, Norrköping, Sweden. Kristoffer Karlsson from fLiM is playing the music. I'm playing with the Wiimote and a my 3d-drawing software in the first part and with my Scramble software in the second part. Video Courtesy of Mikael Wehner.

Soft Focus rendering in Real-Time! with my Scramble Software!