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Tag : Max-MSP

Laeterna Machina: Body-Machine-Music : Alexander Stojanovic

Alexander Stojanovic wrote in his blog Conceptual Origami about the Laeterna Machina Dance Collective:The use of the body augmented by sensors and tied into generative music and sound design technology is actually quite intriguing. Although results

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Multimedia as a helping device in dance teaching and choreographic process

I'm giving a workshop and lectures at the Choreography Department of Tallinn University,Estonia.24-26th april 2008.What happen when the body  becomes the only interface ? How can the body learn, play and compose an audio-visual artifact ? How does it

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fLiM - Nordic Light Hotel - Stockholm

I'm in charge of the live visuals for the first fLiM!fLiM will be a once-a-week hang out place for lovers of ambient, electronica and visuals at Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm, starting January 9th 2008.Guest DJ: Ola Bergman (New Speak)Guest VJ:

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Wii remote + Bluetooth + Max-MSP + aka.wiiremote + HTTP request + Apache + PHP + XML-RPC + LSL Second Life = 16 seconds delays

Is it possible to interact in Second Life with something else than a mouse and a Keyboard ? Proud of first experiments with the Wii remote (wiimote) and Max/Msp, I´m now experimenting possible interactions between the wiimote and Second Life! This is

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Interdisciplinary Studies Course, Konstfack, Stockholm

I'm guest lecturer at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm (more info below). I present a short history of live visuals production tools and software + projects I'm involved in. Students will be invited to mis/use

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Rehearsals in Toulouse

Laeterna Machina is having rehearsals in Toulouse at the "Pavillon Mazar" ! First experiments with the Wii remote control and the Scramble software. software. Pavillon Mazar, Toulouse, 2007. The Wii Remote control works very well, I just

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Podesk is featured as "Interesting Work" on the Cycling74 website !

Cycling74 is my favorite software company! I have created Podesk Publisher with theirs programming tools Max/MSP and Jitter

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The Scramble software is my playground when experimenting with live video. It's a kind of Magic Lantern into which you can throw any kind of picture and animate it – I feed scramble with my own drawings, videos or photos – or start drawing from

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